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Ephemeral structure for 25Sziget Festival


The concept takes inspiration from Rubik's Cube, a 3D combination puzzle invented in 1974 by the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernö Rubik. In a classic Rubik’s Cube, each face is able to turn indipendently and, since it’s covered by coloured stickers, it can produce various combinations of colors and shapes. The characteristic rotation of the famous Cube is the basic principle of our structure, which follows Rubik's division of faces into modules.

We chose bamboo as building material. Far-east countries have been using it for many centuries to produce paper, textiles, parquet, rugs, furnishing items and of course in architecture, but today, as the need to find materials with a limited environmental impact increases, bamboo is becoming more and more preeminent in western architecture, too. Thanks to its growth rate, it reduces the problem of deforestation and it is an easily recyclable material. The key words which best describe our project are: easy to build, resistant, economic.

The structure has been designed to be a landmark for the festival, a well recognizable, flexible and comfortable space to experience. From the exterior, the structure resembles a geometric sculpture, a modern representation of a bamboo forest, but its multifaceted nature makes it possible for the visitors to perceive it in numerous ways, depending on how they look at it and their own imagination: a camp, a raft wrecked on an island (in this case on Obuda), a meteorite fallen from the sky...

The project encourages people to socialize, to interact with the structure and to use the spaces it creates as they see it. Inside the structure there are different meeting places and seating areas where they can rest and find shelter in sunny or rainy weather. Visitors can experience space in a sustainable way; the architectural design of elements guarantees natural ventilation, screen and sunlight supply. The result is not a confined space, on the contrary it is open on each side encouraging people to enter. The game of lights and shadows conveys the feeling of an ever-changing space, an oasis where they can relax and enjoy their time during the Sziget Festival.

Once the Festival is finished the structure could be dismantled and the space will return to its original state, because our project is self-supporting and it doesn’t require to be fixed to the ground.

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